A King Finds His Queen, King Illest To Wed Julia.

A King Finds His Queen, King Illest To Wed Julia.

Well today is definitely a day of love as it keeps flying in the air. We have seen numerous tracks dished out to express love, show care and solidarity. Just when we thought the mood couldn’t deteriorate any further from what we have seen. Boom! the Award winning rapper Mainga Mukando popularly known as King Illest takes to his Facebook account and announces Julia accepted the marriage proposal.

King Illest uncovers the woman of his dreams on a day of love (valentines day). Its now clear Julia ain’t just a song but and expression to a woman that has lifted his heart onto seen nothing but wishing to spend the rest of his life with her. Its only been a few hours after the song Julia dropped, little did we know there was an engagement scheme behind the sensational love song “Julia”.

We look forward to seen the lovely couple on there wedding.

Congratulations King Illest!!

[DOWNLOAD] King Illest Julia Here

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