Dope Boys Almost Beat Up DJ Showstar [Video]

Dope Boys Almost Beat Up DJ Showstar

DJ Showstar during the live interview of Hi5 almost gets a beating from one half of the Dope Boys Smart Kays.

DJ Showstar reached out to the “Mpu Mpu” crooners and wanted to full insight concerning a viral video, that showed the two rappers bragging about money and women.

But a self-proclaimed member Smart Kays, didn’t take Showstars questions lightly and almost beat him up during the interview. According to him, he got shocked by asking of questions already settled and apologized for. From a fury battle with Macky 2 to now almost welcoming his second beating. The question is why ?

DJ Showstar had to unleash his camera Crew to get the rapper under control, prior from failure to do so would have been a disaster.

Watch the clip below of Dope Boys bragging and were they almost beat DJ Showstar!

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