Faith K releases a new album titled Nangena

Faith K, the South African rising star of hip hop music industry, announced the release of her new Sophomore album titled Nangena meaning “I am going in”, in Tsonga, a South African language spoken by Bantus. Remember, the album also includes the new single ‘Bounce’ released last month.

Nangena is a ten-track music compose featuring Gigi Lamayne, Zingah, and Money Badoo. Faith Paints detail the experience of Faith K in the music industry since her K’Loud EP release in 2020.

The tracks such as ‘You’ in the album feature Ms. Faith on the softer side as an R&D artist, while the tracks like Midas show us her wider side as a rapper.

“My album recites my experiences from the pandemic and will mostly relate to the experiences of the general public,” said Faith K. And hopes that people will relate themselves to the tracks after listening to Nangena.

The track-list that Faith K delivered through Nangena is as follows and hopes to deliver attractive music to the fanbase and will act as a medium to attract new music fans, in the public and likewise industries.


Nangena( feat.Zingah)



Iphi Bag

Ayifambeni( feat. Gigi Lamayne)

That Chick ( feat. Money Badoo)





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