Happy Birthday to Flash Ikumkani

Flash Ikumkani is turning 24 years old on March 25th 2022. In honour of this milestone he has chosen to
commemorate it with a record titled ’24’. In this record Flash Ikumkani addresses himself, it’s a self-
introspection single that lets you into the multi-faceted views of himself and his journey. Here he calms himself down letting himself know that he has been through a lot, and that through it all that the Lord has been close by, and it is his will that he is turning 24, and expresses deep gratitude for His guidance.

Song Metadata:
Song Title: 24
Artist: Flash Ikumkani
Author: Hlumile Mangoloti
Composer: Tinashe Freddy Junior Magidi
Genre: African Music (Xhosa Trap)
Language: isiXhosa
Length: 02:37
Publisher: SAMRO

ISRC: ZB-62R-22-00004

Social Media:
Facebook: @Flashikumkani (279k followers)
Instagram: @flashikumkan (26.6k followers)
Twitter: @Flash_ ikumkani (8.1k followers)

Flash Ikumkani has recently embarked on a pioneering #UmbonoWamHighSchoolTour which he had partnered with Vodacom & Score Energy Drinks to encourage school children on how to successfully penetrate the multimedia industry. He visited 5 schools in King Williams Town & 4 schools in East London to complete the tour successfully.

Report on tour is in the below

Hlumile Mangoloti (born 25 March 1998), professionally known as Flash iKumkani, is a South African rapper and songwriter from Peelton, King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape, where he was born and raised. Flash iKumkani is a Hip Hop artist known for his unique vocals. Among this, he is also known for his great ability to rap in his home language, isiXhosa, while mixing in English. Making the music that Flash makes an extension of his identity as a Xhosa man but also as a well-learned rapper. There is something distinctly fresh about Flash. He is effectively lending his voice to making his native tongue cool. And this is not the watered-down version of his language, but it is the raw and authentic version that is not highlighted in the mainstream.

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