Highlights Of Slap Dee’s Music Career So Far


Let me make it clear from the get-go that this article about SlapDee, is not about who is better than who. In this piece, I’d be highlighting points of SlapDee ‘s music career from my own perspective.

Highlights Of Slap Dee

Slap Dee‘s motive, hard work and love for music, from the days of introducing Zed Hip Hop to the rest of Africa has not changed. With hit songs for SlapDee like “Just like that”, ‘Looking for love‘,’Remember‘, ‘Kuichaila’, Waunfwa and many more he pioneered and boosted the music industry we see today.

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Slap Dee has been on fire till this day, when BW2 has become a hot market products. Slap Dee has built for himself an enviable music career.

Slap Dee is also Itel Mobile brand ambassador. Becoming first ever artists to get the endorsement deal in Zambia.

Always had big intentions to push his legacy to another level. And with a Golden chance given to him by Coke Studio’s Africa. The opportunity was not wasted, pushed his hip-hop legacy to the rest of Africa, just like always. “Slap Dee surely delivers”.

Slap Dee @ Coke Studio Africa

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With little room for imperfections, set a record of impressive number of landmarks. Achievements recorded, one would agree he deserves this legendary kinship status.

Nomba Ninshi, The Breakout Song in his journey released back in the days. The Man has a lot of songs, made major announcement of his career ahead. All time favorite Zikomo , Slap Dee’s story would never be thoroughly told without reference to Kuichaila and many more.

Slap Dee Making Business Transactions

The tenderfoot artiste, was loud and clear about his unstoppable push for success. Slap Dee learnt and mastered the art of releasing hit singles, making himself comfortable in the music industry. By the time he dropped three to four monster hits, and his name started to feature regularly in household gist.

Between the period of 2010 to 2014 his career rose to astronomical heights. During this period, he released major songs. And literally monopolized the top of Zambian music charts, although appearing with different songs. But was the same dominant artiste.

Not only did he win Zambian awards, SlapDee is also a holder of more than 8 Zambian Music Awards, And one of the only Zambian hip-hop artiste to ever actually manage and win the coveted Ngoma Award in Zambia.

A few Of Slap Dee’s Award collection

And has if that’s not enough on the 30th September 2017, Slap Dee again walked out with more trophies at the recent past Kwacha Music Awards For 2017. 

Has claimed tens of awards for himself and the crew, poised to claim more and more awards. With his liking for releasing hot selling musicals and visuals alike.

Definitely set out to achieve global stardom by Signing many local artists a under his record label XYZ Ent. Together created a strong hurricane, and conquered not just Zambia but Africa.

His music has a wider distribution reach, the penetration into the music market, is beyond Zambia and African borders.

Slap Dee With His Daughter “Nandi”.

Every time I look at SlapDee, all I see is a confirmation that hard work and brains have a major input in every story of success.

So cheers!! to more musical success for King Dizo.

Written By Mas B Zambia

Source: WWW.EchoMusicBlog.Com


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