Japanese Rock Band Tricot postpone their tour until fall 2022

Japanese Rock Band Tricot has officially announced that they are going to postpone their tour to Europe and the United Kingdom until fall 2022. The decision was taken because of the ongoing political war crisis between Russia and Ukraine and the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to the latest update, the Walking X Walking Tour 2021-2022 will begin on September 12th in Sheffield, England with 9 shows, followed by 11 shows in the UK covering around nice countries of Europe such as France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. The last tour will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

Those who purchased tickets for March- April can take part in the tour, as they will be valid for rescheduled dates.

Rescheduled tour dates for Walking x Walking Tour 2021-2022

Sep 12 UK Sheffield O2 Academy2

Sep 13 UK Manchester YES

Sep 15 UK Glasgow Stereo

Sep 16 UK Leeds Headrow House

Sep 17 UK Leicester Firebug

Sep 19 UK Liverpool Future Yard

Sep 20 UK Bristol The Exchange

Sep 21 UK London The Garage

Sep 22 UK Brighton Chalk

Sep 24 France Paris Point Ephemere

Sep 25 Belgium Brussels Botanique

Sep 27 Netherlands Amsterdam Melkweg

Sep 28 Germany Cologne MTC

Sep 29 Germany Hamburg Molotow

Sep 30 Denmark Copenhagen Loppen

Oct 2 Czech Republic Prague Futurum

Oct 4 Hungary Budapest Turbina

Oct 5 Slovakia Banska Bystrica Zahrada

Oct 6 Slovakia Bratislava Nova Cvernovka

Oct 7 Spain Barcelona AMfest

Tricot Band will also perform in 3 live-streamed concert shows in April, as per the earlier schedule and their performance can be seen across the world, at scheduled timings mentioned below, at convenience to the fans of West.

The Live-streaming tour has been dubbed as Stop X Step and will stream from Tokyo for the audiences of the UK and EU, in the hours suitable to them.


Date- April 1, 19:00 (UTC) / April 1 20:00 (BST) / April 1 14:00 (EST)

Tickets: 1-day ticket 1,500 JPY, 2-day ticket(Day.1&Day.3) 2,500 JPY

Ticket purchase URL: https://tricot.zaiko.io/


Date: April 9, 19:00 (UTC) / April 9 20:00 (BST) / April 9 14:00 (EST)

* Free to view 

* Fans in Japan who attend the show in person will be allowed to livestream from the venue to their own channels, and fans around the world can view these live streams to get a fan’s-eye perspective of the show

* Alternatively, fans overseas can tune into a basic free Livestream on tricot’s official YouTube channel


Date: April 22, 19:00 (UTC) / April 22 20:00 (BST) / April 22 14:00 (EST)

Tickets: 1-day ticket 1,500 JPY, 2-day ticket(Day.1&Day.3) 2,500 JPY

Ticket purchase URL: https://tricot.zaiko.io/

Tricot tour postponement might have frustrated their fans in UK and Europe. But as the current situation demands such, fans are being urged to view the new album “ Jodeki’ released in December 2021, and their latest End Roll single released on February 16th of this year. Hope this will keep the fans entertained until Tricot could make it in person.

Tricot Profile

Tricot emerged into the music industry as a Japanese alternative rock band formed in the historical and cultural city of Kyoto on September 1st,2010. Its music comprises a mix of harmonic pop melodies and emotional vocals tucked into a complex rhythm. Fans refer to them sometimes as Math-Rock band and Tricot has emerged slowly blended into their fan craze with their own imagining.

Often the concerts held by Tricot go sold out in the first few days of ticket sales and they have so far toured across the world holding 109 shows on an international note, including three tours in Asia, two in Europe, and with Pixies in the UK. Tricot band was scheduled to tour the United States in September this year. However, the band that has dedicated musicians holding an active career along with a dedicated fan base postponed the tour because of the ongoing war and pandemic crisis in the world.

Official website: https://tricot-official.jp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tricot_band

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tricot_band_jp/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Xp4bKmRn8cmAzi0cc66KQ?sub_confirmation=1

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