“When it comes to his songwriting, there are no artificial limits or boundaries for Jehry Robinson. We love to categorize music and musicians, but what do you do when you come across one who defies all categorization?” – V13

Genre jumping Strange Music artist Jehry Robinson shows yet another side with the release of his acoustic video for “Closer To The Sun,” accompanied by Korey Lloyd of @kl,guitar.  “I wanted to strip this track down and give a rawer experience. Sometimes the lyrics can get clouded by instrumentation, doing it acoustically gave me the opportunity to showcase the them,“– explains Jehry.

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Robinson’s 20/Twenty mixes reggae flavors, lyrical pop, and full-throttle yet melodic hip hop on this 20-song set.  “I’m taking all of those genres and emotions and fusing them into one sound,” he explains. “You’ll get the happy side. You’ll get the depressed side. If there is a reggae vibe or rock energy, that’s just how I felt that day. That’s the blueprint of what 20/Twenty is” says Robinson. Stream it here:

“This album really does a good job at giving listeners a deeper look into his personality along with displaying how versatile he can be”

Underground Hip Hop

Whether it be the reggae guitars of “Closer to the Sun,” the emotionally charged message of “Daddy Issues” (ft. Jelly Roll), the island swing of “No Refunds,” the blistering rap of “Daylight” (ft. Tech N9ne), or his impressive vocal performance on “In My Feels,” he effortlessly bounces between styles.

“On 20/Twenty Robinson delivers a musical carousel of songs that cross genres at every spin while not missing a beat. Also, a talented songwriter Robinson embraces heartache and lessons learned and bares his soul as a human mixtape”

I’m Music Magazine

Signing to Strange Music in 2019 Robinson has already collaborated with label mates Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, Krizz Kaliko, JL, and King Iso. He also introduced three EP’s, 20/Twenty Chapter 1, 20/Twenty Chapter 2, and 20/Twenty Chapter 3, with allgarnering spots on iTunes charts. The songs on 20/Twenty have racked up over two million cumulative views and streams, with nearly a million on spotify.

 “20/Twenty mixes flavors in a set of 20 songs that push the boundaries”

– Hype Soul

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