Kekero addresses ‘Trade Kings’ to support local musicians

Kekero Addresses Trade Kings

Kekero addresses Trade Kings, Zambia’s largest manufacturer and one of the major manufacturers in the region. Last week, Nigerian musician Burna Boy performed in Zambia and Tiye P shared concern as well, stating its high time that local musicians must be upheld. This falls inline with Kekero’s opinion over the continued appreciation of foreign acts and not Zambian musicians.

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DearTrade Kings,

We are very proud of what you’re doing for Zambia and Africa at large.
Your collection of diversified products has brought happiness into our homes/ Lives and for this I would like to commend you. You’re doing a tremendous job… #EpashiliPakuleka

On the flip side,Personally, I am not very happy with how you creep on foreign artists and shower them with endorsements that are meant for Zambian artists! We have so much local talent that would sale brands for our cooperatives here in Zambia. Therefore, I do not see the need of engaging those that are involved with and are already benefiting from cooperatives from their countries (Foreign Talent). Because honestly, how will your “Buy Local” slogan exonerate itself with foreigners as brand ambassadors of your products??? #Kaya

If we didn’t buy ‘Boom’ (and other TK products) because it was a {they were} local product{s}TK wasn’t going to grow into what it has become today. Sometimes we bought/buy local products not because they were/are the best. But because we believe/d that the only way we would push for Product or Idividual actualization is by rendering support! (Its that simple). #Supportwhatsyours

From that “Support Local” context, how would you want to go and put a roof on your neighbour’s house when the rains are terrorizing your household ??? soaking you to the unmentionables!!! How???


Kekero ZM

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