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Zambian Music Over the past decades we have seen latest Audio, Video Download and witnessed new music genres arise and new Zambian musicians been born while others left the industry like PJ , Lily T and many more.

The introduction of a genre, with a sound unique sound to Zambia, which is known as Zed Hip-Hop born from Zed Beats (‘Zed’ being the colloquial term for Zambia).

Again in those same recent times in latest Audio, Video Download Zambian music came popular, what is now hugely popular among Zambia’s youth today.

Zed Hip-Hop

Popularly now known as Zed Hip-hop. This genre has actually brought with it not just the best sound but the evolution of what was actually known as Zed Beats back in the days.

Zed Hip-Hip is not just a sound but an entire subculture of new Zambian music, as seen in its fashion or lifestyle, closely related to the western hip-hop.

Has always been and considered as the amidst of the global rise of hip-hop in Zambian music as we now see it today, Zed Hip-Hop is now a uniquely widely spread Zambian form of the genre.


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Source : Echo Music Blog

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