Mysterious Artists project Arcanamusica launches first single ‘My Role(Vo. RiZ)’

Mysterious artists project Arcanamusica released the first single titled ‘My Role (Vo. Riz)’ and the music is catching up craze after its release on March 2nd,2022. It is a music single composed in collaboration between Shueisha and Avex and is being produced by Yuri Kuriyama and directed by Mono Devoid.

My Role

Technically, ‘My Role (Vo.Riz)’ will be a release from “Multidimensional Media-Mix Project” Arcanamusica that announced it on February 2nd and tuned it by February 22nd,2022. From March 2nd this year, the music was being distributed and downloaded on many download and streaming websites, along with the official channel of Mono Devoid’s Arcanamysica’s Official YouTube channel.

On March 1st this year, a jacket image was released on Twitter at 22.22 hours JST.

My Role is a mix of a rock sound with a sense of urgency, straight ahead, passionate lyrics that emote characters who make up Arcanamusica, leaving a powerful impression.

Riz of Arcana

The musical theme introduces Riz, an Arcana name of the character name Shizuka Kawawa, a 26-year-old programmer featuring within the fictional music streaming app Arcanamusica.

Speaking about the music app Arcanamusica, it suddenly emerged from nowhere, a media-mix project that is buzzing on smartphones to this day. It has a five-character names “Arcana Name (AN)”- Shizuka Kawawa (RIZ), Gakunoshin Maimiya (DarkPlace), Riku Shibuyoshi ( Shibukichi), Itsuku Igashima (Ikkun) and Kazuki Jujo ( Rejje). The story is about these 5 singers who are ambitious in pursuing a success filled music career.

Coming to the Vocaloid producer backing up each singer, the list as follows:

Aracana Name and the Producer’s name

Shizuka Kawawa: RiZ ( music produced by Yuri Kuriyama)

Gakunoshin Maimiya- DarkPalace (music produced by SLAVE. V-V-R)

Itsuku Igashima: Ikkun( music produced by Somari)

Riku Shibuyoshi: Shibukichi( Music produced by Kinoshita)

Kazuki Jujo: Rejje( Music produced by Natsuyama Yotsugi)

All the details of the above-said characters can be found in the music videos published on their official YouTube Channels and social media accounts along with their websites, respectively. Daily from today till May 4, a new song will be released on YouTube and so do not forget to check back for more!

About Arcanamusica

It is a media mix collaboration between Shueisha and Avex and will include media, music, animated manga with audio, social media content, and more in the future. “Arcana” means cards in a tarot deck and will involve mysterious themes, music, settings, stories with an air of secrecy.

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