Pilato – “Shame on us Zambians”


Zambian hip hop recording artist and political activist. Fumba Chama, known professionally as Pilato, expresses his opinion over the
allegedly circulating apology rendered by the students, after CBU Closed After Student Protests.

Pilato writes,

I saw this picture yesterday on a number of News Platforms with a caption suggesting that CBU students were begging the president and minister Luo to reopen the university. This picture alone is a prophecy of where Zambia is going, on its knees.

I don’t care on which political side you stand but the truth is if we allow this disrespect for education to continue, we are all killing this country. It doesn’t matter what you think or believe my friend, Zambia will not rise without educating its citizens. Today this picture may tickle you a bit and as usual you may laugh and justify these acts of sabotage because today you support the ruling party. The reality tomorrow will affect all of us.

I have said this before and I will say it, we will build Zambia just by shouting “pamaka!!! Pamaka!!!! We need the creativity, the intelligence and the energy of these young people today. We need more than slogans and chants to build a Zambia that works for all. Education is beyond politics and the sooner we realize that the better. The government has a duty to educate people.

My appeal to president Lungu and minister is, please detach emotions from the educational issues. These young people represent the future of this country. These young people in the picture will be leaders of this country. The future of this country does not belong to any single political party. I do understand your need to save money but please don’t look at education as a useless cost but as an investment. Please sir, open the university and prioritize funding to avoid unnecessary disruptions and riots. If you neglect to empower these young people today with an education, you will be choosing social and economic disaster for this country in the future. 
To the students at the Copperbelt University, comrades, please don’t abandon your dreams. Your dreams are necessary no matter how long or hard the realisation may appear. I am sorry that we have a created a society that doesn’t value education. We justify the crucifixion of intellectual empowerment. Please forgive us. Many of us are ignorant and do not understand the value you bring to the table when you are educated. Please again I say, do not abandon your dreams.

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