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Zambian gospel musician Pompi, is an Entrepreneur, and CEO of Atmosphere Nation & Lota House.

Had the opportunity to be recognized on an all African level, with videos that have played on commercial channels such as MTV Base and Channel O. During this period, he finished off 2009 as number one on young gifted and African.

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Acting as an ambassador to African youth, showing the achievements that can be made off talent. And has been recognized by credible individuals such as Chief Igbinedion of Nigerias, Prince Africa Zulu South Africa and former president of Zambia Rupiah Banda.

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Pompi is a marvel to watch when because of his creative buildups and coordinated movements. Major objectives, include making music that inspires and highlight the beauty of African culture. The culture which he believes is being lost due to the westernized perception of the world. The world that is always shown by the media. Believes Africans should have an identity with features unique to them such as the type of music, fashion e.t.c. Also remember to read List Of Zambian Musicians You Must Know 2019



Known as the gospel lyrical master, and poetic musician who continues to touch souls with a positive, non-traditional brand of gospel music. This category is specifically made for Pompi and Songs by Pompi. Dedicated to his full time music, Videos, Articles, News & Albums.


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