Top 20 Richest Zambian Musicians Today

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(Last updated: Tuesday, 16 June 2020)

TODAY Music in Zambia and the Zambian music industry is very competitive on who are the Richest Musicians In Zambia. Debates have been raised and more especially these days. 

Zambian musicians strive hard, making shows and deals like the one, Slap Dee and Itel Mobile Zambia. Less shows for our musicians and less sales on their albums sometimes becomes a case. But at the end of the day on top of making amazing tunes, they also make something in return..

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Richest Musicians In Zambia 2020.

Below is  a complete list of  Richest Zambian Musicians.. Don’t forget to share!!



Kaladoshas is financially stable, with at least a dozen deals and a well doing job. This musician is worth an estimated amount of about 90 thousand excluding assets like a house and vehicles and deals with major stakeholders.


SALMA Sky popularly known as Akapilipili (Hot Chick) is Zambia’s talented Artist who is making Airwaves in the Country. She is not only beautiful but also a very good and talented singer.

Married to Tivo, Son of Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha the former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services of Zambia.


Wacheda could not open up as to how much she’s worth on been among Richest Musicians In Zambia. But one thing for this queen is that, from the music videos and shows she pulls off.

You can definitely attest to the fact that Wacheda is among the well doing musicians in Zambia financially.


“Outside The Rox” His debut album, is among the top selling in the land. From the sales Jay Rox acquired, an estimated amount of about 80 thousand, and across the country.

This artist is among the top game influences, having a massive following. Jay Rox now has a 50 thousand deal with MTN. Read Jay Rox Is A Zambian Rock Of Music

16. Pompi

Even though, the lyrical rapper pompi, transitioned to a gospel tune type of music. Today he is one of the most loved and admired musician in the land. With Mizu and Broken English selling major. The Rapper benefited no less than 100 thousand kwacha. Charges no less than 12 thousand kwacha for christian performance and shows. This gives him an advantage, as He among the most Zambian musicians on demand outside the country.

15.Dandy Krazy

Dandy Krazy

Dandy Krazy, massively campaigned for the PF in 2012. The musician gained massive respect from the ruling party and paid him well. Dandy Krazy is worth no less than 500 thousand kwacha. He may have derailed in terms of producing hits, but the musician still is loaded. A year never passes without Dandy having and endorsement deal. Late in 2017 he signed another massive deal with Cellz mobile company, for 150 thousand every after 3 months.


Pilato Leaves

Stable and many claim he is very well funded by some political parties. Pilato is a well known and talented musician and very good political activist. This musician has been making a lot of money from NGO’s for his work and a close source said, “He is worth a lot of money”.


T Sean and T Bwoy

Zambian dance hall artists just recently launched “One Day” album. The album has so far made them at least 150000 kwacha. This is excluding the money aquired during the launch and other shows.

T Sean And T Bwoy, “Don’t lead me on” tops the charts in the land. The song been used by MTN, Airtel and Cellz, for a contract deal of no less than 20 thousand kwacha.

The two are also the co owners of the HighGrade recording studio, which charges no less than 1500 for a song, Also just recent launched a clothing line Dweet and Dwet.


Mampi, the Queen diva continues making huge shows abroad and she at least among the few musicians in Zambia that hosts a lot of shows in countries far from home. From the time she started music to today, she worth no less than 600 thousand. Read: Mampi ascends back on the Throne.


Chanda Mbao is a Zambian rapper based in the states, he makes above average in most shows and he is a successful musician and businessman.

10. Chef 187

January Blues
Chef 187 Top 5 Music Secrets Of Success

Zed hip hop male headliner and the most happening Zambian rapper. I remember, “one man defined chef 187 as been the only artist in Zambia worth been called a celebrity”.

Chef 187 owns numerous deals with multi national companies like coca cola, Vodafone, MTN etc.

Not mentioning, he is among the most hired local musicians. He attends at least not less than 50 shows in a year. Collects, no less than 11000 for stage performance and that excludes transport and lodging.

Read: Chef 187

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9. Eleftherios Mukuka

El Mukuka
El Mukuka Unveils New Song Titled “Feel Alright

Eleftherios Mukuka is a young Zambian Greek. A vibrant and passionate music producer, composer and film writer. Acquires respective amount of money from been part of big shows and events, where he plays as a DJ.

8. B-FLow

B-Flow, is a proud ambassador and in charge of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, which launched in 2010, brings 500 activists and entrepreneurs from sub-Saharan Africa to the U.S. as Mandela Washington Fellows. His first album, Mpu Mpu Mpu (the sound of heartbeats), released in 2009 sold a thousand copies and earned him money and major nominations for best upcoming artist of the year at the Zambia Ngoma Awards. Then came the second album, No More Kawilo, released in 2011, took home best song of the year with its title track.



Thought of You hit maker, HIP-HOP and Dance hall musician just shot a video at a cost of US$50,000 in South Africa and Namibia. The video premiered on international music channels like Trace, Channel O, BET, MTV and MTV Base. The song Thought Of You enabled the artist have shows in South Africa and the USA making him over 200, 000 kwacha.
Mic Burner (Michael Mandona) Thought of You, garnerd over 1,000 views on youtube within days.
Having recently signed to Transblasts Entertainment. Mic Burner owns a record label, talented and he a very successful business man.


Brisky Exposed My S*X Video Which Went Viral On Social Media – Cleo Ice Queen

Well, we all know who the Ice Queen. Cleo earns major from endorsement deals with companies like DSTV for been among the judges, MTN, Pepsi and more. Having her talent and career already exposed to the out side world, Cleo Ice Queen hosts big shows in countries like South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania etc. Costs an estimated amount of 14 thousand for stage performance.

5. MACKY 2

Macky 2the Kopala swag founder is number five on highly paid Zambian musicians today. For every stage performance.


When invited does not get less than 8000, which excludes the transportation and accommodation charges of 2500. Arguably, among Africa’s richest musicians. Also one of the Zambian Artist’s having deals with coke cola and many other companies like MTN where he receives an amount which is no less than 150,000.

 4. JK


A Political carder for the Zambian patriotic front party (PF) and business man/Singer/Songwriter and car dealer for an American company Jordan Katembula, known as JK is Number four on most highly paid Zambian artist’s or musicians today.

The car dealing company actually pays JK an estimated figure of k90, 000 per month and charges not less than k45, 000 for every stage appearance and any public show.

Not forgetting the hit campaign song “Dununa Reverse” which earned him about k800, 000, not forgetting endorsement deals with Zambia’s number network MTN Zambia and Airtel Zambia , including album shows where on his last album launch earned a good amount of k250, 000.

 3. Slap Dee

slap dee
slap dee

Considered to be among the Richest Musicians In Zambia and Number three on highly paid Zambian musicians today. We rarely see the king of Zambian hip hop performing.

He accepts’s and gets paid no less than 12,000 for a show and also an ambassador for Proflight Airline Zambia Proflights Fares and Schedule‎ paying him about 150,000 every after 4 months.

Also owns a recording studio label plus a clothing label Xyz Entertainment studiosearning him about k4,500 per week.

Receives an estimated amount of about 350,000 from investors and old more than k40,000 at Hollywood city just for the tickets.

Not also forgetting his most recent endorsement with Itel mobile were slap dee is recieving an estimated figure of k25,000 per month.

2. The Organized Family

Organized Family make a good amount of not less than k15,000 for a show. Stage performance, excluding accommodation plus transportation charges charged separately amounting to about k3000.


Most shows done by the duo group are foreign where they make about k20,000, plus a huge sum of money received from Hakainde Hichilema during the campaign period.

And 600,00 from the United party for national development (UPND) . The group also has endorsements with Zambian communication networks like Zamtel and MTN Zambia were they receive at least a minimum of k150, 000 per month.

 1. Roberto


He wins because Roberto gets paid about k15,000 for a simple show and k25,000 for international shows after realizing Amarula plus k11,000 to cover his flight charges if it’s an international show. Could be among Africa’s ’s richest top names because he’s an international artist loved in most African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana and Namibia.

He was paid 250,000 for his guest appearance at the Namibian awards show. And YouTube paid him an estimated k180,200 after Amarula hit a thousand views on YouTube and including endorsements paying him about k350,000 per year.

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