Sky Hi’s release 2022 first single ‘Just Breathe’


Sky-Hi has released his 2022’s first single ‘ Just Breathe’ in collaboration with production unit 3RACHA. On February 21st,2022 the tracks, ‘Just Breathe’ feat. 3Racha of Stray Kids, was released.

3Racha is a production unit spun up by Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN, and is a sub-unit of Korean boyband Stray Kids.

Produced by UTA, ‘Just Breathe’ feat. 3Racha of Stray Kids’ is a dramatic track-tuned by artists from Japan and abroad such as Daichi Miura, BTS, AI, and Twice. The lyrics and toplines were penned by Bang Chan, Sky-Hi, Changbin, and HAN.

Just Breathe

Music Video ‘Just Breathe’ was also released with the release of a single. And a video game, where a player controlling the movement of Buggy driven by Sky-Hi and 3Racha can also be seen making waves online. As expected, the video has been made enigmatic by infusing innovative technology available in this modern-day tech world.

Sky HI Profile

Sky-HI is a rapper and is a self-made vocalist, dancer and track maker with the skill of self-producing his videos. He is also the CEO and artist-producer of a Japanese Music management agency and label- BMSG.

Speaking about his career, Sky-HI made his debut in the music world in 2005 as a member of AAA, and was also busy singing at various clubs in Tokyo, under the solo name of SKY-HI. After gaining popularity in the hip-hop industry, he made his debut in the year 2013 and released over five albums in original so far. His work has garnered him much popularity in hip-hop and music of various other genres.

In the year 2020, after becoming the CEO of the management agency and label BMSG, Sky-HI hosted a boyband audition series ‘The First’ and in 2021 became the sole producer of Boyband Be: First.

3Racha Profile

As expected, 3RACHA is a 3 member unit within Boyband Stray Kids and comprises Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN as gang members. The year 2021 witnessed Korean Boyband Stray Kids achieve the milestone of reaching one million sales at JYP Entertainment and won the survival show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, which climbed to the top of the K-Pop world charts within no time.

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