Coke Studio’s Give Slap Dee A Golden Chance To Penetrate The International Market.

Slap Dee Given A Golden Chance By Coke Studio’s

After his recent participation in this year’s fifth series of the Coke Studio which has given him a big break he had always needed his music to actually penetrate the international market.

 Slap Dee Given A Golden Chance By Coke Studio's

Slap dee always had  big intentions to push his legacy and the local hip-hop legacy to the rest of Africa, all His dreams and wishes have been made possible after Slap Dee Given A Golden Chance By Coke Studio’s. This is has been a big golden chance for him.
Slap dee “Mwila Musonda”  holder of more than 8 Zambian Music Awards and the only Zambian hip-hop artiste who actually managed to win the coveted Ngoma Award in Zambia.
Slap dee in His statement said, “The year 2017 for many Artist’s should be reaching out and ensuring Zambian music gets to the rest of Africa.

Coke Studio aims to fully inspire and introduce Africa’s music talents to a new and wider audience through interaction, collaboration and cooperation among musical artists while also building a strong brand connection with Africa’s young and growing population.
Since the African continent has major music talent in communities, cities like Lusaka and the Cobber belt.

Slap Dee Given A Golden Chance By Coke Studio's

Coke Studio Africa gives these artists a wider exposure every musician wishes to get, by enabling a greater interaction, providing an open wider door for collaboration and bringing in cooperation from the way they work at Coke allowing them be a Studio which creates inspirational new sounds.
“It’s been part of our big  strategy for the last five years, but first I had to satisfy the local audience and our local fans before embarking on International moves. After that has been achieved I now feel and think its time for me to expand my music,” says Slapdee.

Slap Dee Given A Golden Chance By Coke Studio’s and the plan of getting his music to expand is now been fully applied by having the Coke Studio Africa, tours coming up in other parts of the world, and collaborations been part of the His plans.


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