Straight outta Space. SpaceboiRich is a 25-year-old Afropop artist from Nigeria, who has a past behind him with one of the most criminal cities in the world, which he doesn’t always want to think back to, but which he also uses as a great source of inspiration and motivation. Space came to Germany from “AJ-City” around a decade ago to chase and realize his dream here.

The new SpaceboiRich EP entitled “Space Riddim” released on December 31, 2021. Check it out and feel the magic! The first video and single release for “OMG” on December 17th, 2021 provides a little foretaste.

Born in Space, up to the Charts

With beats from all over the world produced by Syne X, Emmanuel Ojebode and Ramoon Musica, Space not only brings the international vibe to the record, but also delivers the finest sound “straight outta Nigeria”. Thanks to the first-class sound quality, mastered by the Karlsruhe producers DR€J and Adebayo, the Nigerian-born exceptional artist has only very talented, young names behind him, but also brings the African sound to Europe in a way that not many have done before and thus unites talents from Karlsruhe , with exceptional artists straight from the original source of the Naija sound.

With the EP SpaceboiRich not only gives an insight into his life and his preference for women, money and jewelry, but also points out his spiritual devotion and his trust in God. The Afropop artist packs all of this into exotic, poppy sounds to sing along, dance or just vibe! 

With the EP, Space storms the streaming services and proves its talent. You will already have a foretaste of this on December 17th. get to it! So from now on it goes on in quick succession. You don’t sleep in space!

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