Tiye P Blasts Zambians For Not Supporting Local Talent


Renown rapper Tiye p has come out to express his emotions, following the continued hiring of foreign musicians by Zambian show organizers. Reacts following the Burna Boy incident. Zambians should stop wasting money on people like Burna Boy, when some local musicians can do a better job. He went on social media and wrote the post below.

Are you telling me that all these concerts and festivals can’t be a success with zambian acts(artists)only? We can only look and be bigger brands if you treat us like we are.for as long as we are treated like nothing in our own land,our people will always side with artists from outside. Whats funny is,there are only 3 people in the world who do not want to see a zambian succeed.

1.A typical Zambian
2.A Zambian
3.And Another Zambian

If you are that zambian,Satan knock on your door…?

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