Warner Music South Africa is all set to launch Singer Tyler Page with a new single titled “ Wagmi” and the 19-year-old Capetonian is excited to express herself through a mature voice that has the tinge of youthfulness.

The code for the pop is “We are gonna make it” and is about a holiday romance that has the aptitude to transform into something else. All in a hope that the love will survive once the holiday is over.

Tyler Page, the young Muso, released a teaser of the record on Tuesday on Instagram and draped in pink Thebe Magugu suit, and just a slight make-up. She was looking amazing, depicting a sunset that signifies beginnings, change, and transformations.

“I cannot tell you how excited I am and never felt it before. Don’t believe the Aliens was selected by the video game giant Fortnite for Underground Car Radio Station and the same hit the top on Spotify’s Radar Africa Playlist, which features other artists from the continent of South Africa,” commented Tyler.

With unwavering vocals, excellent lyrics, the single that has been shot by Mishaal Gangaram is all set to capture international attention over the next few months.

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