WATCH VIDEO: Musician Dandy Crazy Apologizes For Mocking Zambians.

Musician Dandy crazy apologizes for mocking Zambians on a video which broke the internet and went viral on social media. Wesley Chibambo, known by the stage name “Dandy Crazy” apologizes to Zambians after he mocking them of their hunger situation.

Dandy Crazy and his friends, during kept making funny remarks on the poor people of the Nation. The musician repeatedly kept uttering hurtful speech words towards the people. Many did not take it lightly and wondered as to why the musician behaved in such a manner. Dandy Crazy in the video went on publicly and acknowledged been a strong member of the ruling party. “Nga ula chula lobe” if you suffer that’s your problem, Dandy said.

The musician has taken a bold move to retract the words and apologize for the actions. “The video was not intended to go viral, and i did not mean those words”, Dandy said.

Many have commended him for taking such a step and went on to say, “it takes courage and humbleness for one to apologize otherwise it’s difficult to the proud”.

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