Zambian News Headlines That Shocked The Country

Zambian News Headlines 5 Moments That Blew Us In The Year 2018

The year 2018  gave us great music and as well as moments that became Zambian hews headlines and blew us away. This followed a line of gripping story lines, involving our very own musicians.  The industry would be nothing without the musicians that bring the art of Zambian music to life. Click here if you don’t know the Top 20 Richest Zambian Musicians Today.

This year we saw some stellar performances from local and international performers and it’s only right that we highlight some of the unforgettable moments highlighted in the year 2018.


Renown Controversial musician Pilato  flew from Zambia following amidst threats on his life.

Pilato said he was forced to leave Zambia and stay in the bush for 25 days after PF cadres threatened his life.

Pilato wrote,

“Today i am writing from a foreign country not because i chose to but because i chose life. The 14th of January 2018 was my daughter’s birthday, on this day i usually take her and the sister out for a Pizza but this time i couldn’t. I called and spoke to her and she asked when i was going back home, i cut the call because i didn’t know when. I have stopped calling home now because i dont know what to say to them,”. Haven’t you read the full artccle? click here

5.408 Empire (Tokota Boys)

Police launched a manhunt for members of a music group 408 Empire, the makers of ‘chilepule baby’ and ‘St. Anne’ among other songs. Believed the group ushered a gang of youths known as Tokota Boys.

408 Empire Wanted by Police for assault
408 Empire Wanted by Police for assault

Members of 408 Empire were sought to be part of a group called Tokota Boys, on rampage at the time of assaulting people, stealing and also raping women in Kitwe.

408 Empire recorded a Tokota Boys anthem song ‘Walitwishiba’ which narrates their gruesome acts in the hood, claiming to have taken over from the likes of Jerabo leader Youngson who died some time back.

4.Muzo Aka Alphonso

During the speech, Muzo Aka Alphonso left the crowd in shock at Kwacha Music Awards of 2018, held in Lusaka when receiving an award for Best Artiste Northern Province.

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Muzo Aka Alphonso
Muzo Aka Alphonso Speech At Kwacha Music Awards Shocks Zambia

Upon the moments of giving thanking remarks, the Kasama Swag rapper said that he slept naked the night before, “Mailo Nalele Ubwamba“. Haven’t you seen the full video? click here

3.CHEF 187

Finally the Kopala Swag rapper is representing Zambia at the Coke Studio. Despite the language many thought would  be a barrier finding it hard to speak fluent English as a result and others speculated saying, “it’s very hard for him to send a message in a song”. Get to know more about Chef 187 by simply checking out Up close With Zambian Rapper Chef 187

Chef 187, Talks Music, Performs Live On Kenya's TV #10Over10
Chef 187, Talks Music, Performs Live On Kenya’s TV #10Over10

The rapper went on to performed his smash hit “unbeatable” produced by “Tonny Breezy” while on the show. During the Interview, he talked about his come up and his big brother “Macky 2‘s Influence and contribution to his career. He also took time to disclose his collaborator (Rophnan from Ethiopia) at 2019’s “Coke Studio Africa” season. Haven’t you seen the full video? click here and here are Chef 187’s Top 5 Unforgettable Songs Of 2018 So far


The artist went under unforeseen even followed Mwila Musonda, popularly known as Slap Dee, as he got involved in a road traffic accident on the Great North Road in Chisamba area Readmore..



She ignited a social media firestorm with some revealing nude photos. Her 2010 hit ‘Kanyelele’ remains the most viewed Zambian music video on YouTube with 8.2 million views.

Kay Figo ‘breaks the internet’ with ‘pantyless’ photo
Kay Figo ‘breaks the internet’ with ‘pantyless’ photo

The artiste whose real name is Cynthia Kayula Bwalya was burning up the local charts a few years ago with hits such as ‘Kanyelele’, ‘Phone’, ‘Chachilamo’ and ‘Wandowa’.

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