Zambian Rappers With Most Features

Zambian Rappers

Here is a list of Zambian Rappers/Artist’s With The Most Features

The Zambian music industry as many knew it fell apart in the late 1980s before many Zambian Rappers emerged and the advent of the dark ages for Zambian music began. We saw a large number of Zambian musicians die in their prime, many blindly falling victim to the AIDS pandemic that affected every society in Zambia.

These Artist’s left a huge gap which has now been covered by Zambian Rappers we see today  because as they went to the other side, so did the new introduction of unique genre and popularity of new talent.

We have seen a lot more artists making music together as compared previous years so we have decided to compile a list of artists Zambian Rappers/Artist’s With The Most FeaturesMusic is a collaborative effort but some artists collaborate more than others.

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7.Mumba Yachi

6.Drifta Trek

5.T Sean

4.Jay Rox


3.Slap dee


2.Chef 187

1.Macky 2

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